Floor insulation

No more cold feet

Why floor insulation?

• Cozy floor

Why choose Bakker insulation?

• Specialist in floor insulation

• Healthier climate • Fastest isolation method
• Up to 30% less heating costs • No fuss, no mess
• Improved operation of heating • Years of experience with 10 years warranty
• Recouped within 3-5 years • Very long service life t 25 years
• Contributes to a better energy • Direct indication of the price per phone
• No moisture, mold and dust mites

Delicious on your socks around the house with floor insulation

Suffer from dust mite? Cold feet or a cold climate at home? Floor insulation is the solution!
Many homes, even isolated, are not sufficiently armed against the Dutch climate. Seams between the insulation boards, insulation materials and poor insulation processing less good keep the cold outside and give insufficient moisture a chance. Often hopes into a crawl space or provides unnecessary condensation. The result: a cold floor and more mold and dust mites. Also the floor construction rot faster way. Professional floor insulation is the solution.

Waterproofing floor insulation
The entire floor and isolate all openings we waterdampremmend with polyurethane foam (PUR). PUR is seamlessly against the bottom of the ground floor, around floor opleggingen and over a certain height of the Foundation beams. The operation remains excellent in the longer term. Even in extreme outdoor conditions, high water table and highly variable temperatures. PUR close the floor completely seamless, unlike systems that the soil sealing.

How many saves floor insulation?
Experience has taught us that this is on a 100 m 2 surface approximately 400 m 3 natural gas per year. (Insulation of roofs and facades 600m3 per year is no exception.)

Bakker Insulation

Bakker Insulation specializes in floor insulation of existing and new homes. We isolate with polyurethane foam (PUR). With on-the-spot isolate PUR is quickly realized. Without fuss, without clutter. Through our years of experience we are extra vigilant on connections, cracks and crevices. We clean up everything nicely on. you have nothing to worry about. We work efficiently and quickly with professional machines and are therefore affordable.

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