Ventilation channel isolation

You have ventilation/suction channel isolation quickly recovered

Why ventilation channel isolation?

• Good air permeability, no drafts

Why choose Bakker insulation?

• Specialist in ventilation duct / suction channel isolation

• Improved growth and health • 100% seamless and airtight
• Lower energy costs • Insulation on any surface and shape
• Fastest isolation method • Extra alert to connections and joints
• Direct indication of the price per phone • Long lifespan

Central exhaust insulation | Ventilation duct insulation

No air, no condensation, no energy loss

Insulation of ventilation ducts/exhaust channels is very important to tour and condensation in stables. This improves animal health and promotes the growth of pigs, broilers and veal calves. In addition, saves insulation of exhaust channels huge in energy costs. You have ventilation/insulation afzuigkanaal quickly recovered. Our method with PUR insulation is particularly suitable for exhaust channels. The insulation is made on the spot and attaches seamlessly on any surface and form.

Bakker Central exhaust insulation | Air duct insulation

Bakker Insulation specializes in stable insulation of existing and new stables. We insulate with polyurethane foam (PUR). PUR is 100% seamless and airtight, moisture-free, does not suffer from rot ting to moisture, leaks and insensitive to ammonia. PUR insulation increases the lifespan of your shed by protecting the barn construction. PUR is locally isolate quickly realized. Through our years of experience we are extra alert on connections, cracks and crevices. We work efficiently with professional equipment and are therefore affordable. We also give you an instant indication of the price over the phone.

Also for stable insulation, tank insulation and home insulation.

Ventilation channel isolation/extraction channels prevents draughts and condensation in stables