FAQ insulation

Applying insulation gives nuisance in/on my property?

Realization of cavity wall insulation hardly gives nuisance. Cavity wall insulation, we usually ship within 1 day. This is done from the outside.

Has cavity wall insulation sense at my property?

If your home was built between 1930 and 1975, then cavity wall insulation interest you. Homes built before 1930 often have no wall cavity. Homes built after 1975 have often all cavity wall insulation.

What is the cost of cavity wall insulation?

The cost of cavity wall insulation depends on the type of House, terraced house or detached house. Overall you should count on an amount starting from € 15 per m2 Excl. 6% BTW. This earns you generally within 3-5 years back by lower energy costs. There are often other issues that could affect the price such as realization of crawl space ventilation or the depth of the wall cavity. Do not hesitate, just ask us. We give a price indication

Gives the nuisance if floor insulation or insulation in the crawl space is applied?

Floor insulation or insulation in the crawl space we bring from the crawl space. Floor insulation or insulation in the crawl space is ready in one day. The PUR foam smells short.

Crawl space insulation has meaning to my property?

If you have a damp crawl space has then it’s definitely worth considering. Your crawl space must be at least 30 centimeters high. We measure from the bottom to the bottom of the beams.

Is floor insulation useful in my house?

Floor insulation has the most effect on your heating costs. After all on the ground floor, the heating is usually the highest. It is important that your home has a crawl space. Should your crawl space for floor insulation at least 50 centimeters high.

What are the costs of floor insulation?

You must count on a price from about € 29.35 per m2 Excl. 6% BTW for a concrete floor. And € 33.00 per m2 Excl. 6% BTW for a wooden floor. The thickness of the insulation layer or the length of the foundations who are isolated can affect the price. Please feel free ask a price indication come to mind.

I have nuisance if roof insulation is made to my property?

The application of inside roof-insulation is not a major remodeling. A roof from an average of 60 m 2 we usually isolate in 1 day.

Is my home eligible for roof insulation?

In most cases it is possible to isolate a roof. Roofs can both on the outside and on the inside be isolated.

Has roof insulation sense at my house?

The price for putting roof insulation is depending on the thickness of the material. Insulation material with an average thickness and finish comes about at about € 48.00 per m2 excluding BTW.

I have a House with lots of Windows. Insulation is profitable?

Usually though. Cold and heat are common through the walls. Your property is much warmer.

In how many years will I earn insulation back?

This depends on what you isolates. Floor insulation and cavity wall insulation earns you the fastest back. Generally earns you the insulation cost of your property in 3-5 years back.

Isolation can lead to mildew and mold on my wall?

No, at a split of 4 cm or more occur no moisture spots on with PUR insulation. In the 80 ’s came across this for, by use of rock wool insulation. Too little ventilation gives moisture in every home. Ventilation in a House is very important. The living environment is healthier and more pleasant.

May we stay in the House during application of insulation?

The General advice is 2 hours after application you can turn in your home. The important thing is to at the time of isolation to ventilate well. We work with professional suction giving you again soon in your home can.

Stinks PUR insulation?

PUR smells a short time (max. 1 hour). The most important thing is at the time of isolation to ventilate well. We work with professional suction which the smell quickly moving away.

Prevents double glass steamed up windows?

It helps, but good insulation in combination with ventilation has a better result.

Do I need to vent after isolated?

Yes, that is still important. Your living environment is much healthier and warmer.

Stationary air insulates well anyway. Why cavity wall insulation?

‘ Stationary air insulates much less well than PUR insulation. The insulation value of 5 cm of insulation is about 7 times higher than a 5 cm wide “still” air cavity. In addition, there is usually no at old houses still air in the cavity by cracks and vents.

Is the BTW reduction to 6% for insulation in existing homes still apply?

At isolation of existing homes at least 6% VAT on the working hours. Different subsidy schemes are also active. This differs per plate and province. More information: www.energiesubsidiewijzer.nl. Or call us for more information

Is there subsidy for insulation?

In addition to offering the VAT reduction for energy-saving measures on working hours there are from various municipalities and provinces grant schemes actively. Via the website www.energiesubsidiewijzer.nl you can see if that is the case in your municipality or County.

Do you have after reading the information about the grant legislation still have questions? Please feel free to contact us, +316 172 38 332. We will gladly answer your questions.