Pigsty insulation

Insulate your pigsty. More growth, less energy …

Benefits pigsty insulation:

• More growth

Why do you choose Bakker insulation?

• Specialist in stable insulation

• Lower energy costs • Existing and new stables
• Fewer diseases • 100% seamless and air tight
• Less harmful ammonia vapors • Extra alert air tightness
• Less nasty pig air • Years of experience
• Constant temperature • Direct indication of the price per phone
• 3-5 year payback • Fastest isolation method

Pigs get sick often? Poor growth? High heating costs?

Insulation is essential in a pigsty. First insulation reduces the emission of harmful ammonia vapors in the stable. This is important because in the pigsty ammonia leads to respiratory diseases and other diseases under the pigs. Additionally, you realize with good insulation constant temperature. By pigsty insulation heat loss during cold weather reduces heat radiation and stopped in warm weather. When the pig insulation is well insulated, the room temperature can be lowered by several degrees. This allows an optimal learning environment is achieved at significantly lower heating costs. Especially in this time when the margins are very small between revenues and expenses, you can improve your margins within 3-5 years. We also insulate central exhaust ducts with PUR. You are guaranteed optimum climate by isolation in pig stables and reduce energy your electrical fans.

Bakker Insulation

Bakker Insulation specializes in stable insulation of existing and new stables. We insulate with polyurethane foam (PUR).
PUR is 100% seamless and airtight, moisture-free, does not suffer from rot ting to moisture, leaks and insensitive to ammonia. PUR insulation increases the lifespan of your shed by protecting the barn construction. PUR is locally isolate quickly realized. Through our years of experience we are extra alert on connections, cracks and crevices. We work efficiently with professional equipment and are therefore affordable. We also give you an instant indication of the price over the phone.

Did you know that a deviation of only one degree at the base temperature in the pigsty already has a negative influence on growth?