Roof insulation

Cosy work, study or play on your attic room

With roof insulation optimum protection against cold and heat!

The roof of a home is one of the largest sources of heat loss-making in a home. Through the roof is about 30% of heat is lost. A good roof insulation is thus a requirement for every home. Roof insulation with pur-foam on the inside of the roof is most. Good insulation value, very good adhesion and durability up to 25 years.

Bakker cavity wall insulation

Bakker Insulation specializes in floor insulation of existing and new homes. We isolate with polyurethane foam (PUR). With on-the-spot isolate PUR is quickly realized. Without fuss, without clutter. Through our years of experience we are extra vigilant on connections, cracks and crevices. We clean up everything nicely on. you have nothing to worry about. We work efficiently and quickly with professional machines and are therefore affordable.

Warm in winter, cool in summer