Ship insulation

Less moisture, noise reduction

Ship insulation benefits:

• Less moisture spots

Why choose Bakker insulation?

• Specialist in ship insulation

• Less sound problems • Fastest and most durable insulation method
• Summers cooler, warmer in winter • No fuss, no mess
• Prolongs the life of your boat • Long life to 25 years
• 100% seamless isolation by spray system • Direct price indication per telephone

Ship insulation

Moisture spots in your boat? Sound problems on your yacht?

All floating objects are sensitive to the appearance of damp spots by condensation. This problem we can solve easily and effectively. To ship insulation is high demands. You can think of durability, temperature changes, moisture effects, thermal bridges and so on. We therefore isolate with polyurethane (also called PUR foam). This material provides a 100% seamless insulation layer. PUR takes the form of the within seconds to spray object. This makes it an ideal insulation material for boats. PUR is environmentally friendly, light weight, may be applicable in a wide temperature range and has a long life. Ship insulation is the solution!


Insulation extends the life of your boat by isolating your boat gets moisture no more chances to get into the wood and polyester. Specifies the extended life of this material. This can be for pleasure yachts but also for inland waterway vessels.

Bakker Ship insulation

Bakker Insulation specializes in floor insulation of existing and new homes. We isolate with polyurethane foam (PUR). With on-the-spot isolate PUR is quickly realized. Without fuss, without clutter. Through our years of experience we are extra vigilant on connections, cracks and crevices. We clean up everything nicely on. you have nothing to worry about. We work efficiently and quickly with professional machines and are therefore affordable.

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